Fitness and Nutrition

People Need to be in Control.

You CAN be in control of your healthy future. Feeling the control in your hands makes you feel powerful and gives you a positive attitude. The small steps you take today will result in a big accomplishment tomorrow. You ARE worth it!


Walk Tall.

Remember to always walk tall; keep those shoulders back, chest out and remember to hold your head up proud. Walking confident will translate into a positive outlook on life.


Work That Core.

Whether you're in the office or on the road, remember to keep those abs contracted! Imagine pulling the belly button back toward the spine. "Studies show that people with flat abs are: 25% less likely to develop heart disease, 41% less likely to develop high blood pressure, 35% less likely to have a heart attack." - Women's Health Training Guide 2010


Remember to Breath.

When life gets hard, STOP what you're doing and take a DEEP breath. You'll feel much calmer.


Move Around.

Get out from behind your desk and do some jumping jacks! Sit on a stability ball while you make those phone calls! "Over time, sitting around too much renders your glutes practically useless and causes your hip flexors to become stiff. This couch-potato combo tilts the pelvis forward, which increases the arch in your back and puts stress on your spine." - Women's Health Training Guide 2010


Can Do.

Approach everything you do with a "can do" attitude. Whether it is every day challenges, or a new workout at the gym be positive and you will achieve it. If you are in the right mind set, nothing is impossible.


Complex Body.

Remember that the body is a beautiful thing. It responds and adapts to what you tell it to do. There are many muscles, tendons, bones (the list goes on) in the body that need to work together. In order for this to happen, you need to perform specific movements to get the optimal results. No two people are the same so what works for one person might not necessarily work for you.



You heard that stretching is important and still you don't do it as often as you should. Stretching helps increase your range of motion, keeps muscles from tightening, and increases blood circulation. Stretching may reduce pain in the body and even facilitates every day movements. The best time to stretch is after your warm up and cool down when the muscles are already warm.


Eat More. Yes, its true.

In order to lose weight you must eat more! The body needs to be well oiled, like a car, in order for it to run smoothly. Eating smaller portions of nutrient dense food 5-6 times a day will maintain blood glucose levels preventing an energy crash and extreme hunger. When you skip meals, metabolism slows and what was eaten will be stored as fat.


Breakfast Is Important.

Eating a healthy breakfast will jump start your metabolism. You'll feel more energized, less cranky and have a positive attitude. Choosing to eat breakfast will keep you fuller longer, preventing a run to the vending machine for an unhealthy mid-morning snack.


Food Journal.

Keeping track of what you eat during the day can be challenging. Journals are helpful because once you write something down it becomes permanent. This is a good way to keep track of what you put in your body and a way to become aware of the empty calories you are consuming.


Snack Bags.

The best invention ever created! Pack the snack the night before, not only will you eat healthier but you'll save money.


Stay Hydrated.

Our bodies are made up of mostly water. So are our muscles, brain, and organs! Drink plenty of water, at least 64 oz. a day! Water keeps the body working properly, transports important nutrients to our cells and helps to flush out those nasty toxins! Not drinking enough? Try buying a fun colored water bottle to bring with you everywhere you go!


Small Plates.

Most of us were told as children to eat up because there are starving kids in Africa. While this is true, it has embedded in us the feeling of guilt to leave scraps on the plate therefore making us overeat! Try buying smaller plates and having only one serving.


Eat Dark.

It's a fact that the darker the fruit and veggies are the more nutritious they are. Short and sweet... Eat those dark fruits and veggies for optimal nutrition!


Be Creative.

No one says you have to eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dare to be different by experimenting with food! Different combinations will give you the nutrients you need and keep the boredom away.

Carla Bissi

ACE certified personal trainer

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