small group training

(4-5 people at once)

Learn the basic fundamental every day movements you need to survive. A small group setting allows for fun interaction with peers to make your exercise more enjoyable.


private sessions

One on one training with specifically designed programs to fit individual needs. One on one allows for proper education on form, technique, and nutrition.


Fitness Tip :

People Need to be in Control.

You CAN be in control of your healthy future. Feeling the control in your hands makes you feel powerful and gives you a positive attitude. The small steps you take today will result in a big accomplishment tomorrow. You ARE worth it!

buddy sessions

Circuit training style for friendly competition to be the best you can be.


bridal boot camp

BRIDES TO BE! Want to look fabulous for your wedding? Don't wait to get in shape, start today to feel great for that special date!


fitness parties

(usually women)

Aerobics style class for large parties of 10-15 people. These parties are designed to make you dance, smile and feel fit all at once. With my one of a kind abs/butt class unlike any other.


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Carla Bissi

ACE certified personal trainer

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phone: 201.258.0665